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Congratulations on the successful holding of the first blasting technology academic exchange meeting

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    From June 8th to 11th, 2010, the 1st National Pellet Technology Academic Exchange Meeting was held in Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province. The meeting was jointly organized by the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering's Shot Peening Technical Committee and the Residual Stress Professional Committee.

    The number of delegates at the conference was 106, including well-known experts and scholars in the field of shot peening at home and abroad, engineers and technicians engaged in the research and development and application of shot peening technology, and units engaged in research, design, manufacturing, teaching and management in the field of shot peening technology. group.

    The conference received 62 academic exchange papers and 21 special technical reports. These special technical reports and papers cover new techniques of particle blasting, new technology of laser peening, new technology of composite blasting, and shot peening of black and non-ferrous metals. Effect, metallized and ceramic matrix composite shot peening effect, material surface functionalization and compositing based on shot peening, shot peening based surface nanotechnology, shot peening theory simulation and digital simulation, shot peening residual stress With the fatigue damage of the components, shot peening and shot peening technology in the field of special applications, it has been highly praised by the participants.

    The meeting elected a member of the new China Mechanical Engineering Society Failure Analysis Branch Shot Peening Technical Committee. The chairman was chaired by Professor Xu Kewei of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The vice chairman was researcher Wang Renzhi from Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Professor Jiang Chuanhai and Daqi Daqi Metal Abrasive Co., Ltd. Wang Qi Gaogong served as the Secretary General of Shanghai Kaixin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chen Xiaohu, and the Deputy Secretary General was Professor Feng Aixin from Jiangsu University. There were 17 professional committee members.

    Advanced shot peening equipment, shot blasting media and residual stress testing instruments were demonstrated during the conference.

    At the invitation of the representative of the International Pellet Society, the meeting also reached an agreement on the participation in the 11th International Shot Peening Conference held in Indiana, USA in November 2011.

    The Secretariat of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering's Shot Peening Technical Committee also organized the establishment of the Society Network (, publicized the professional committee and established a communication platform for shot peening technology.

    At the request of the deputies, the Secretariat of the Shot Peening Technical Committee will organize a training course on shot peening technology to actively serve the application of shot peening technology in the national economy in a deeper and more effective manner.

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