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Commendation Conference | Thank you for your quiet effort!

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018-8-22 13:41:45 Hits:1345

    This afternoon, the company organized a group of all safety activities management team to hold a summary and commendation meeting for the "2018 Security Double Month" event.

    From June 1st to July 31st, 2018, the company launched the "Safe Double Month" campaign with the theme of "Improving the Safety and Security System and Improving the Level of Safety Standardization". This safety month has been carried out in total: 3 plant-level activities, 14 special activities of various departments, targeted safety inspections and hidden dangers, and improved employee identification, risk prediction, and emergency in various forms. Processing capacity. Thanks to the joint efforts of all employees, the event was a complete success.

    Everyday, the company attaches great importance to safety production, effectively implements safety standardization construction, and successfully passed the on-site inspection of Suzhou Safety Supervision Bureau at the end of July.

    At the end of the meeting, the executive deputy general manager will issue honorary certificates and bonuses to the leaders of the outstanding departments.

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